Packaging design

Packaging concept design  

Innovative packaging concepts

Companies have to innovate in order to compete and survive. By applying inspirational thinking and creative design within a well-managed innovation framework, Design Futures can create genuinely fresh and exciting new packaging concepts that generate measurable market results.

Our team of experienced packaging professionals have a track record of creating innovative packaging solutions and ensure that all our concept design work provides a solid foundation for development. Concepts can be generated either by our design team within the studio environment, or as an output of specially designed innovation ideas generator sessions. Our ability to construct multi-disciplinary design teams for a specific brief ensures a high level of innovative output.

Packaging design development

The complete packaging design solution

Well designed packaging outsells competitors and can lead to improved margins and new market penetration. Working within marketing, technical and commercial constraints, Design Futures' packaging and industrial designers produce designs that optimise the user experience and satisfaction.

Our knowledge of the packaging industry allows us to turn our innovative concepts into final packaging solutions. Experience in a wide range of retail sectors and supply chain packaging means our team is perfectly positioned to help you find an ideal packaging solution.

Packaging research and testing

Technical investigation to support innovation

Gaining insight into those factors that impinge upon a design inevitably leads to better, more appropriate packaging. This includes interpreting consumer behaviour, cultural changes and emerging trends to understand how people relate to packaging and products.

We work closely with Sheffield Hallam University's Human Centred Engineering Research Group to conduct consultancy in the fields of user and pack testing. Backed up with internationally respected, cutting edge research, we explore the fundamentals of both biomechanical and psychological aspects of the user/pack interface.