Research and strategy

User and consumer research

Gaining insight into how people relate to products and packaging

With today's crowded marketplaces, understanding how and why consumers buy and how they engage with their products, packaging and environment is vital. Our methods enable us to gain unique insights into user and consumer behaviour. This knowledge can be used tactically - to inform a product development process, or strategically - to uncover and understand unexpressed and unmet consumer needs.

Enabling technology research

Leveraging consumer value from existing and emerging technologies

Identifying and exploiting new materials and applied technologies can provide breakthrough product innovation and significant competitive advantage. Our interdisciplinary teams take different inventive approaches and combine emerging and existing materials and technologies in new ways to create exciting new products.

Design strategy

Harnessing design to help drive businesses forward

Today's customers are better informed and more demanding. Design can be a powerful tool to excite and attract customers, but knowing exactly how best to use design isn't always easy. We can help by devising appropriate design and innovation strategies that address changing markets, competitor offerings, organisational capabilities and business objectives.